World Education Day Assembly(WEDA-2020)
★ Preliminary Program

Preliminary Program

Stream 1: Glory Hall
-Pre-conference Activities

Activity 1: VIP Lunge

Activity 2: EC Meeting

Activity 3: EC Meeting

Activity 4: EC Meeting

Stream 2: Master Rostrum
-Great Mind Forums

Part 1: Opening Ceremony

Part 2: Keynote Forum

Part 3: Keynote Forum

Stream 3: Edu-Nation Theatre
-National Education Leadership Summit

Topic 1:
American Education Leadership

Topic 2:
European Education Leadership

Topic 3:
Asian Education Leadership

Topic 4:
Chinese Education Leadership

Stream 4: Smart World
-Disruptive Edu-Tech Forum

Topic 4-1:
AI, Big Data & Learning

Topic 4-2:
Smart Educational Robotics

Topic 4-3:
Blockchain's Potential for Education

Topic 4-4:
AR,VR and MR:How Immersive Learning Technology to Bring Education and Training into the Future?

Topic 4-5:
Wearable Tech Education

Topic 4-6:
3D/4D Printing for Education

Stream 5: Learning Box
-Tele and Mobile Education Forum

Topic 5-1:
Online Education

Topic 5-2:
Distance and Continuing Education

Topic 5-3:
Rural and Remote education

Topic 5-4:
New Education Sofeware and Apps

Stream 6: University Campus
-High Education Forum

Topic 6-1:
University President Forum

Topic 6-2:
Disciplinary Development Innovation in High Education

Topic 6-3:
The Opportunities and Challenges in Constructing World-class University for China's Higher Education

Topic 6-4:
How to Improve the Teaching Quality for University Students

Stream 7: K12 Edu-Garden
-Primary Education Forum

Topic 7-1:
How to Improve the Quality of Compulsory Education and Promote Balanced Development of the Education

Topic 7-2:
The New Model Exploration for the Training of Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Principals

Topic 7-3:
The New Opportunity and The Best Business Model in K12 Online Education

Topic 7-4:
Mental Health Education for Primary and Secondary School Students

Stream 8: Childhood Playground
-Preschool Education Forum

Topic 8-1:
Global New Developmental Strategy for Preschool Education

Topic 8-2:
New Idea and Strategy for Kindergarten Management and Operation

Topic 8-3:
Scientific Arrangement and Implementation of Preschool Curriculum

Topic 8-4:
Leadership Shaping of Preschool Principal and Specialization Developing of Teacher

Topic 8-5:
Early Childhood Health Care and Children Development

Topic 8-6:
Internet Plus Preschool Education

Topic 8-7:
Effective Experience, Strategy and Plan of The Kindergarten Enrollment

Topic 8-8:
Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Preschool Education

Stream 9: Skill Post
-Vocational Education Forum

Topic 9-1:
How to Improve The Quality of Vocational Education?

Topic 9-2:
Tailored Vocational Education and Training System

Topic 9-3:
What Challenge Brings to the Vocational Education from Robot Substitution?

Topic 9-4:
How to Dock Industry Demand?

Stream 9: Skill Post
-Vocational Education Forum

Topic 9-1:
How to Improve The Quality of Vocational Education?

Topic 9-2:
Tailored Vocational Education and Training System

Topic 9-3:
What Challenge Brings to the Vocational Education from Robot Substitution?

Topic 9-4:
How to Dock Industry Demand?

Stream 10: Liberal Arts Stage
-Quality Education Forum

Topic 10-1:
Music and Instrument Specialty Training

Topic 10-2:
Art Specialty Training

Topic 10-3:
Dance Specialty Training

Topic 10-4:
Humanities and Social Sciences Education

Stream 11: Caring Bay
-Medical and Health Education

Topic 11-1:
Medical Education and Clinical Evaluation

Topic 11-2:
Medical and Nursing Education

Topic 11-3:
Health Education and Public Health

Topic 11-4:
Community Health Education

Stream 12: In-House Classroom
-Home Schooling Forum

Topic 12-1:
How to Choose Online Homeschool?

Topic 12-2:
How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum?

Topic 12-3:
New Educational Games for Homeschoolers

Stream 13: Home Yard
-Family Education Forum

Topic 13-1:
New Interactive Methods for Promoting Learning

Topic 13-2:
A Pediatric Perspective on Family Education

Topic 13-3:
The Power of Storytime to Create Belonging and Safety

Topic 13-4:
Dynamic Approaches to Evaluating Family Learning

Stream 14: Edu Earth Village
-International Edu Forum

Topic 14-1:
International Education and The Peace

Topic 14-2:
Sino-EU and USA Educational Collaboration

Topic 14-3:
Trilateral Educational Collaboration among China, Japan and Korea

Topic 14-4:
Sino-India Educational Collaboration

Stream 15: Logic Hub
-Edu-Research Innovation Forum

Topic 15-1:
The Power of Teaching in the Struggle for Public Education

Topic 15-2:
The Role of Education Researchers in an Era of Fake News

Topic 15-3:
New Methodology and Equity: An International Perspective

Topic 15-4:
Creating a Culture of Improvement through the Empowerment of Teachers

Topic 15-5:
Gun Violence and Implications for Schools and Communities

Topic 15-6:
Cost-Effectiveness in Education

Topic 15-7:
Gender, STEM, and Higher Education

Topic 15-8:
How Children Use Questions and Explanations to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Topic 15-9:
High-Quality Early Learning for a Changing World

Topic 15-10:
Changing Design of School Environments for Changing Education

Topic 15-11:
Research Confronts Equity and Social Justice

Topic 15-12:
Ethics Education Across Contexts and the Life Span

Stream 16: Tutoring Camp
-Extracurricular Training Forum

Topic 16-1:
The Impact of Extracurricular Training on Student Achievement

Topic 16-2:
How to Choose Good Extracurricular Training Agencies?

Topic 16-3:
New Approaches to Evaluating Extracurricular Training

Stream 17: Funding Pool
-Education Investment Forum

Topic 17-1:
Investment Officers' Forum

Topic 17-2:
New Exploration of Entrepreneurial Business Model in Education O2O

Topic 17-3:
Education Investment, Brand Marketing and Operating Management

Stream 18: IE Makerspace
-Student Innovation & Entrepreneur Forum

Topic 18-1:
How to Attract Investors?

Topic 18-2:
How to Get Media Coverage?

Topic 18-3:
Different Approaches to Startup Incubation

Stream 19: Foreign Language Corner
-Foreign Teacher Job Fair

Part 1: School Promotion Meeting

Part 2: Foreign Teacher Talents Exchange Fair

Stream 20: Smart Pavilion
-Intelligent Learning and Smart Education Exhibition

Zone 1: Posters

Zone 1: New Tech and Products Exhibition

Stream 21: Joyful Edu-Commune
-Social and Cultural Activities

Activity 1:
Welcome Banquet and Art Performance

Activity 2:
Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party

Activity 3:
Lecture Tours to Campus

Activity 4:
Post Meeting Tours

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Hosting Organization

UNESCO International Platform for Knowledge Economy
National Foreign Experts Databank of MOST
BOAO Education Forum for Asia

Co-Hosting Organizations

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Dalian Sub-council
Dalian Association for Science and Technology
Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association

Supporting Organizations

Xi'an Education Association
Han International Schools
DUFL Preschool Education Research Center
Shenzhen Women and Children's Development Foundation

Co-sponsoring Organizations

Seadragon Innovation Institute of International Education (SIIIE)
Beijing Royal School
Maple Leaf Educational Systems
BIT Group Global Ltd.

Operating Organizations

BIT Congress Inc.
Seadragon Innovation Institute of International Education (SIIIE)

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